Saturday, April 25, 2015

Intro To Man Toys

This Blog is about three things; Testosterone, Big boy Toys and Gear. Every man out there has some level of Testosterone coursing through their veins. Every man has what I call "The List". They may not write it down or put it in a computer but, it is always with them. They've been creating, refining and adding to it all their lives. It's made up of "Big Boy Toys" and "Gear". I believe that hobbies for men are about three things; Testosterone & Big Boy Toys, Testosterone & Gear or a combination of all. I will be posting once a week and introducing everyone to a different hobby or sport. At the end of each post I will have what I call the "T-Meter" it will be an indication of the testosterone level of the next post. For example a: T-4 might be about Photography while a T-10 might be about Drag Racing. It will be located in the lower right corner of the post. In addition I will embed a video to coincide with the post. At the bottom of the post I will provide links of interest related to the subject at hand. This should be fun. I have so many subjects already lined up.
I'll get things started with my personal list. Here Goes:  RC Turbine Jets; F-14 Tomcat, F-4 Phantom, F-15 Eagle, F-35 Lightning, YF-23, RC Nitro Buggy, 1988 Kawasaki KD80X, 1987 Kawasaki Tecate(Three Wheeler), 1987-1988 Tecate-4, 1990 Suzuki Quadracer, 1990 Suzuki Quadracer 500"Quadzilla", 2000 Kawasaki ZX750R Ninja (Orange), Any Year Yamaha V-Max Motorcycle, 1989 Honda "Gyro", 1998 Yamaha GT800 Waverunner, 1981 Yamaha SRX440e Snowmobile, 1982-1987 Yamaha V-Max Snowmobile (One of Each), Birel Shifter Cart 125cc, 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I (I had one and sold it. STUPID!!!!). 1990 Nissan 300Z "Twin Turbo", 1986 Plymouth Conquest, 1973 Plymouth "Gold Duster" My first car, 1989 Nissan Pathfinder SE (Two Door), 1989 GMC Jimmy (Full Size), 2000 Isuzu Vehicross. Nikon D5000 Camera and lenses, Bubble Sonata Jukebox,Guns; Walther P22, P99, P380, AR15,  This is a living list. I will update it as time goes on. One thing about my list is I am all about things that are rare. Things that may have been made only one or two years. For example: 1987-1988 Tecate-4 Four-Wheeler. It draws a lot of attention when I show up at a local riding area with it. I'm also about items that are and look cool.
Now I want you to put together your list and post it in comments. It will be interesting to see all the different combinations.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Collecting: "Jukeboxes a History"

For decades the juke box has been something that people associate with better times, fun gatherings and teenage  memories. Juke boxes got their start in old road houses. For collectors they are separated into two era's, pre-depression and post depression. The pre-depression ones were more about function than beauty. Often having a wooden base with a simple glass viewing top. They were designed to show off the inner workings of the machine. Post depression boxes took on much more color thanks to the introduction of phenolic resins and minimized the view of the inner workings of the machine. It was no longer about how it worked, but, rather, how it looked. Names of the day were Wurlitzer, Seeburg, and Rock-Ola. Their manufacturing technology had caught up with their design creativity and they began to create boxes that were works of art. Each manufacturer tried to out do the other. Juke box production was halted from 1942 to 1946 by the federal government in support of the war effort. Juke Boxes enjoyed an extended popularity through the 50's. As time went on newer technologies emerged in the music industry. 45's were slowly replaced with cassettes and the ever popular 8-Track Tape. Newer style boxes were introduced later on but the times and technology would leave the juke box behind. The death of the Drive-In and Malt Shop hang-outs would kill the allure that came with it. In the first half of 1974 a little show called "Happy Days" aired and along with a great love for the show, the country started a nostalgic resurrection of things from better times. Collectors began finding and restoring old forgotten Juke Boxes and restoration companies were created. It wasn't long before old boxes gained great value. To this day the juke boxes still hold a fair value. Unfortunately the poor economy has turned a blind eye to some of the value they once enjoyed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sport: "The World of Outlaws"

What do you call a combination of dirt, speed, high octane fuel, and gutsy drivers? The World of The Outlaw Sprint Cars. This traveling circuit of racers has a popularity on a level almost equal to Nascar. In some ways it can be more exciting. The racing is technical and the set up of the race car is crucial. If all the necessary adjustments are not made to the suspension to react to the current track conditions it can mean the difference between first place and middle of the pack. The track material lends itself to making for some real exciting racing, composed of 100% red clay this material can take on different characteristics depending on temperature, humidity, moisture content and barometric pressure can provide many different racing surfaces. The cars themselves are a riot of colors, they have big wings on top to create the necessary down-force to keep them on the track and big fat dirt tires. Since the cars are sliding through the turns, any driver error is magnified to usually cause some type of accident. These drivers are professionals in every sense of the word, and their reflexes are as sharp as it comes. They race hard, play hard and conduct themselves as genuine sportsman should. If you like dirt in your collar when you go home and your hair stands up on the back of your neck when a race engine revs up. This could be for you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Off Topic, But Necessary

Today I had the privilege of putting out flags on the grave sites of our veterans to prepare for the memorial holiday. It was part of my sons Tiger Cub Scouts Project. Every year they get together with our local V.F.W. and help them. It was a great chance for me and my son to do something together. He had no trouble understanding why we were there and how important they were. We were there for about 3 hours. There were plenty of volunteers. In all total 1500 flags were placed. When we were done we looked across the cemetery and the first word that came to mind was...sobering. This was the local cemetery in my home town of Bensalem. There was a sea of flags. Add up all the cemetery s of our country and the picture would be staggering. I told my son that this is what it took for our family to be able to live the life that we live. This Memorial Day will be particularly important for us as our nephew has just deployed with the Marines to Afghanistan, this is his first one. For the rest of the month when you drive past a cemetery take note of the amount of flags you see. Freedom is not free.     

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Schwinn "Stingray"

If you were a boy in the late 60's to early 70's, you had a Schwinn "Stingray" on your wish list. Whether it was your birthday or your Christmas List, one was on there.
The bike was introduced in 1963. The roots of its design grew from the excitement of both muscle cars and motorcycles. Elements of both are evident in every "Stingray" design. their designs varied from a stripped down version to the very popular "Krate" series. Features of the "Krates" such as bright primary colors, cool names to match like, "Orange Krate" or "Pea Picker" were just some of the cool things that made them so popular. Other things that set them apart from other bicycles were things like a banana seat, center bar mounted stick shifter that came in both three and five speed models, high rise handlebars and if you were one of the lucky ones you would have had a "Springer" front end derived from Harley Davidson. There were many accessories available, like speedometers and headlights that were powered by a small generator that rubbed against the back wheel which was a big fat slick complete with white lettering on the side just like a muscle car. The popularity of these bikes has been maintained over the years, so much so that 2004-2006 Schwinn reintroduced some of their top selling models from the sixties and seventies. They also wanted to keep up with the times so they set out to create current model "Sting-Rays", they took their cues from the popular company Orange County Choppers to produce bicycles that had design traits from the muscle choppers of today. They were and still are a huge success.
If you were one of the lucky kids to get one of these and you took good care of them, which almost never happens, and your father tucked it up somewhere after you grew out of it. The Krate models are fetching about $2,000.00 today. The more goodies you had on it the more it's worth.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sport: "Scuba Diving"

S.C.U.B.A. (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). People have endeavored to explore our inner space for many years. the world beneath the surface of the ocean is comprised of many different underwater environments. In recent years we have found marine life in places once thought impossible to support life. To scientists there is still so much to be discovered.
This is one hobby that is more about the gear than the actual act. Each piece of equipment used comes in many different designs, colors and sizes. Divers can mix and match from different manufacturers or be loyal to one and use only their product. There are also various degrees in between. Becoming a safe certified diver requires signing up for a certification course. If you have a dive shop in your area they can help. Patronize their establishment. Their knowledge can be invaluable to a great experience in Scuba Diving.  It is comprised of classroom hours of lecture as well as pool time with a mandatory swimming test (You Will Need To Be In Shape To Pass) ending with a written certification exam. In addition there are three certification dives; usually one inland quarry dive, one offshore dive, and one offshore night dive. The dives may vary depending on your geographical location. Once certified you can go on and attempt higher levels of certification, the highest being Dive Master. This level is not achieved easily as there are many levels in between.
Scuba Diving can provide many different activities. You could be a recreational reef diver that only wants to observe and take a few pictures or you could advance to something like spearfishing or underwater treasure hunting with a metal detector. Some people even have the desire to explore and map the underground aquatic cave systems. This endeavor is only recommended for people that have attained Dive Master status and have logged many hours underwater. The world of diving has so many different aspects that make it an interesting hobby. I cannot go into proper depth here to introduce everything. My hope is that this post will serve as a teaser that sparks an interest in you. If you would like me to expand on something or have a question, please, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments section. I highly recommend this site The Official Dive Gear Page      to check out all the available gear that is out there.  I will provide some good sites to start you on your journey. But, don't stop there. See if this world holds something for you.

Sites of Interest
Naui World Wide Dive Safety Through Education
Sport Diver Magazine

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hobby: "RC Turbine Rush"

For my first hobby post I wanted write about something that truly epitomized the words "Big Boy Toys". I am going to introduce you to the world of RC Turbine Jets. These toys are not for the faint of heart. The miniature jets can reach speeds of up to 200 Real M.P.H. There are several websites that offer great additional information for anyone who wants to get involved in RC Jets. Be warned! They are not easy on the wallet either. One complete flying jet could be the result of a monetary investment of $1000.00. In addition, many hours of assembly. For the person that is not into building a plane from scratch, kits can be purchased called ARF's or Almost Ready to Fly. These jets are powered by real miniature turbines just like their full size counterparts. For some people there is no replacement for building from scratch. If you have the talent, go for it. I recommend checking out the forum sites to get a good insight into this hobby. Most of the models made represent military jet fighters and are extremely detailed right down to the gauges in the cockpit. They have fully retractable landing gear powered by either electric or pneumatics. In the air they are capable of any maneuvers that their full size counterparts can perform. There are numerous clubs to get involved in that offer support, insight and information. Check out the video and links and see if you can feel the RC Turbine Rush.

Sites Of Interest
RC Groups
RC Universe
RC Jet Models